I have carried out work on modifying standard looms(ie Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki,  Yamaha, Range Rover, Porsche) as well as aftermarket management systems (eg: Emerald, Omex, GEMS,  Motec,  Weber Alpha, Dunnell, Specialised Components - Typhoon).

Also, depending on the availability of plugs/terminals,  I can build brand new looms from scratch.

Modified Looms

On the left a modified loom, on the right a standard GSXR1000

Brand New Looms

Part of a brand new Hayabusa loom

Kit car looms

From engine loom modifications to full loom manufacture. Currently working on an idea for a modular loom.

Motorcycle looms

Trike looms

Rear end lighting mods to full looms



 I can also source electrical components for your own projects